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What is SIB-SHInE ?

School of International Biodesign-Synergising Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIB-SHInE) is an exciting year-long full time dedicated residential fellowship program jointly led by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) and King George’s Medical University Lucknow (KGMU Lucknow) and sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India.

The SIB-SHInE Biodesign program serves as a springboard for launching, redirecting, or accelerating a career in health technology and biomedical innovation

With SIB-SHInE program, IIT Kanpur and KGMU together, envision to be a global leader in building the most dynamic ecosystem that identifies, nurtures and matures the next generation of biodesign innovators in developing disruptive and accessible technologies for the world.

SIB-SHInE provides you

Fellowship and IP ownership

Fellowship of Rs.60,000/month for 12 months and Ownership in the Intellectual Property

Launch your Venture

The experience of a lifetime on product innovation and opportunity to launch your own venture


Opportunity to build a global network in the Medtech industry by leveraging IIT Kanpur’s and KGMU’ unparalleled network.

The program is based on the philosophy of 4Cs ie..,

Clinical Immersion, Conception, Creation and Corroborations

Clinical Immersion




Minimum Eligibility


Candidate with graduate and above degrees in Medicine (including BDS), Engineering, Biomedical Instrumentation, Product/Industrial design, Business Administration.


Applicants committed to devote 12 months (full time) for the fellowship Program which will involve travel to partner Universities/Institutions also.


Age Limit: 20-35 years


Full-time availability for 1year

Biodesign Ecosystem


IT Kanpur offers leading research facilities and graduate schools in engineering and the basic sciences and one of the best technology business incubators. This fosters an ideal environment for innovation in healthcare and an unparalleled network of resources to solve complex clinical problems at an accelerated rate.


With 4000 beds, 700 ICU e-hospital software and 76 departments and approximately 5000 patients seeking healthcare at any given time, King George’s Medical University provides the perfect ground for clinical immersion of multidisciplinary Biodesign fellows for identification of unmet clinical needs.